STX Group Announces New Global Carbon Fund

STX Group Announces New Global Carbon Fund - Carbon Herald

STX Group, one of the leading providers of environmental commodities and  corporate climate solutions, launches first carbon investment fund in partnership with Funds Avenue S.A. and Vertis Environmental Finance. The fund under the name Vertis Global Carbon Fund will seek to catalyse further investments in carbon compliance markets. 

The launch also marks STX Group’s entry to the asset management business with its first fund aimed at raising  capital for the global compliance carbon markets, and therefore strengthening the Emissions Trading Systems (ETS) flourishing across the world. 

The Vertis Global Carbon Fund will leverage on the expertise and experience of Vertis Environmental Finance, an ETS trading house with over 25 years of experience; and STX, one of the leading trading houses in the  field of environmental commodities. 

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Vertis Global Carbon Fund is a response to the growing appetite for investments meeting the ESG criteria,  while capturing price appreciation in the global carbon compliance markets, a fast-growing but historically  illiquid market with a recent and constantly evolving regulatory framework. The fund is expected to raise around  US$250 million over the next years. 

Bart Wesselink, Chief Financial and Risk Officer at STX Group, said: “We are excited for the opportunity to  expand our presence in the value chain of environmental commodities by entering the asset management  space. We have vast experience in trading environmental commodities and are looking forward to working  with Funds Avenue S.A. and Vertis by sharing our knowledge and working together towards a successful  investment fund.” 

“Carbon markets today are in a unique position. While ETS are a proven GHG emissions reduction  mechanism, they are far from reaching their full potential. Through the Vertis Global Carbon Fund, we aim to  encourage capital markets to fully engage with the compliance carbon markets and accelerate the green  transition,” explained Gauthier Bily, CEO at Vertis.

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