STRYDE Nodes & Explor Implement Revolutionary Carbon Storage Tech In Brazil

STRYDE Nodes & Explor Implement Revolutionary Tech For Seismic Survey - Carbon Herald

Explor, a geoscience and technology pioneer, has partnered with STRYDE, a global leader in seismic acquisition technology and solutions, to embark on a series of carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects via STRYDE Nodes ™ in Brazil.

The STRYDE Nodes ™, being deployed by Explor, will play a crucial role in capturing and analyzing seismic data, enabling the implementation of effective carbon capture and storage measures. Explor has purchased a total of 26,370 STRYDE Nodes™, which marks the first time STRYDE’s seismic sensor technology is being employed in Brazil.

The seismic investigation was requested by bioenergy firms specializing in ethanol production from farming origins. The primary objective of this exploration is to identify appropriate geological formations for carbon storage, ultimately making bioenergy production carbon negative.

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In the course of the research, Explor will obtain detailed seismic data using STRYDE’s Nodes ™ in order to assist their client in evaluating the viability of underground storage. The innovative technology will enhance the research by combining ISSN source methodology with Explor’s IntelliSeis acquisition management system.

Additionally, Explor’s proprietary Pinpoint source technology will be integrated with the STRYDE Nodes, enabling the delivery of high-density seismic data with minimal environmental impact.

This exploration is part of a series of 3D surveys being conducted by Explor and covers a massive area of over 100 km2. What sets this survey apart is its proximity to existing bioenergy facilities, which adds an interesting dynamic to the project.

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Mike Popham, the CEO of STRYDE, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with Explor in Latin America. He praised the partnership and highlighted the significant contribution that STRYDE’s innovative and cost-effective nodal sensor would make in acquiring high-resolution seismic data.

The partnership with Explor opens doors for STRYDE to showcase its market-leading technology and expand its reach in the Latin American market.

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