Stockholm Exergi Receives Court Approval For Carbon Capture Project

Stockhom Exergi Receives Court Approval For Carbon Capture Project - Carbon Herald
Illustration of the Stockholm Exergi BECCS facility at Värtahamnen, Stockholm. Image:

Swedish energy company Stockholm Exergi has received environmental permits for the construction of one of Europe’s largest carbon capture facilities from the country’s Land and Environment Court.

“This is a historic day for our company and for Swedish climate work. When it is ready, the plant will capture 800,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which is more than the road traffic in Stockholm emits during the same period. It will help both Stockholm and Sweden to reach their climate goals,” said Stockholm Exergi CEO Anders Egelrud.

The approval process took one year, after the company submitted its application to the court for its bioenergy with carbon capture project back in March 2023.

    “The permit includes constructing and operating facilities for the separation of carbon dioxide from flue gases from a biofuel-fired power plant as well as compressing, liquefying and temporarily storing the separated carbon dioxide,” wrote the Land and Environmental Court in an announcement.

    The permits are another milestone for the project but CEO Egelrud warns that a final investment decision is still in the works: “In addition to the permit, other important pieces need to fall into place before we make the investment decision. A crucial question is how the state support system for bio-CCS is designed. The government is working on the issue and our hope is that the support will soon be in place.”

    With this the exact date for beginning construction of the facility remains unclear, but the company has shared plans for it to be operational by 2027.

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