Statkraft To Power World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Cargo Ship

Statkraft To Power World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Cargo Ship - Carbon Herald
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Statkraft, Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy, announced today that their bid to supply green hydrogen to a zero-emissions cargo ship has been accepted. In a world first, the ship chartered by HeidelbergCement and an agricultural cooperative called Felleskjøpet, will take grain shipments in one direction and gravel on its return journeys.

The announced timeline says that the ship will be operational in 2024 and could be used as a proof of concept in the area, especially if it’s profitable.

The project likely has another purpose – to comply with future regulations by the EU and the European Economic Area. The European Commision announced that it will discuss legislation which forces ships and maritime companies to reduce the energy intensity in a gradual manner: 6pc by 2030, by 49pc by 2050 and by 75pc by 2050, all from 2020 levels.

Not The First Hydrogen Ship

Though this will be the first cargo ship operating on hydrogen, it’s by far not the first hydrogen ship ever conceived. There have been hydrogen ships carrying passengers since 2008, but their mass adoption has been hampered by the price of hydrogen fuel cells and the risks associated with its combustability.

Supply is the other issue that was slowing down adoption, but gas companies in all major markets like the Australia, Europe and Russia are looking into investing more into infrastructure and new technology that can cut down its production and transportation costs.

Linde, one of the major companies in the industrial gas sector also announced it was awarded a contract to build the infrastructure for a hydrogen ferry in Norway, that will be capable of transporting both cars and passengers.

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