Startup Raises $2.7 Million For Modular Carbon Capture Devices

Startup Raises $2.7 Million for Modular Carbon Capture Devices - Carbon Herald

2-year-old startup Holy Grail has taken a creative approach to capturing CO2 emissions. The company based in Mountain View, California, is currently prototyping a small-sized carbon capture device.

This is different from the main trend in the United States and globally of launching large-scale projects to capture greenhouse gas emissions from industrial emitters. Holy Grail’s initiative, according to co-founder Nuno Pereira, will aim to relieve the necessity for permits and project financing while also reducing costs.

And it has attracted the attention of well-known investors, too.

So far, the California-based startup has raised $2.7 million from a range of investors like Silicon Valley founders such as Kyle Vogt of Cruise, Ian Hogarth of Songkick, and companies like Goat Capital, LowerCarbon Capital, Starlight Ventures, and others.

The specifics of the devices are yet to be worked out, such as what size they will be and what their performance and longevity will be like. There is a lengthy testing and development phase still ahead, and as the technology is still in the process of being patented, the company is reluctant to disclose any other device characteristics.

What Pereira did share, however, was that the technical approach is fundamentally different from much of the existing carbon capture technologies.

The main differences include the modular nature of the devices, which will allow them to be stacked and customized as per each customer’s individual needs. In addition, the devices are to focus on capturing raw CO2 emissions, as opposed to converting them (e.g., to fuel).

And given the scalability of the project, the end goal of the company is to eventually make the devices available both to commercial customers and individual consumers.

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