Standard Lithium And Aqualung To Partner On Carbon Capture Development

Standard Lithium And Aqualung To Partner On Carbon Capture Development - Carbon Herald

Southern Arkansas could be praised for a new novel carbon capture project. Standard Lithium – an innovative technology and lithium project development company, announced it is starting a pilot carbon capture project in collaboration with the owner of the technology – Aqualung Carbon Capture AS (Aqualung).

Aqualung is a carbon capture company that has developed a high-performing method for extracting CO2 based on second-generation membrane technology. That technology will be installed at a natural gas processing site in Arkansas owned and operated by Mission Creek Resources.

Standard Lithium will be funding the carbon capture plant as it wants to develop a science-based strategy for sustainable development and continue the decarbonization of other Arkansas lithium projects. The company’s goal is to reduce CO2 emissions from its future operations and related supply-chain activities. 

It has identified ways to use CO2-rich gas streams to optimize its process and reduce reagent costs. According to the company, when the CO2 is not utilized in operations, it could also be sequestered.

The companies will build the pilot project at Mission Creek’s Dorcheat Macedonia facility. A slipstream of flue gas will be taken through the Aqualung pilot unit. Standard Lithium will use the resulting concentrated CO2 stream for R&D activities. The pilot unit is expected to begin construction in Q4 2021.

Carbon Capture In Lithium Production

The carbon capture technology is planned to be utilized by Standard Lithium in an effort to improve and decarbonize the industrial process of lithium production. That fits with the US goal to support the sustainable production of critical metals and ensure the full-chain domestic supply for advanced batteries. 

“We are very pleased to be working in partnership with Aqualung and Mission Creek on this exciting project; the future of the lithium industry rests on being able to produce sustainable battery-quality chemicals with the lowest carbon footprint in jurisdictions where their production is wanted and needed. We feel that successful proof of this carbon capture technology in Southern Arkansas may demonstrate another important technological step towards making the Gulf Coast region an industry-leading producer of sustainable lithium chemicals,” said Dr. Andy Robinson, President and COO of Standard Lithium.

The exploration of CO2 capture technologies for achieving emissions reductions of critical heavy industries is gaining popularity. Despite its cost, the technology has been given the spotlight for the industrial green transition as it captures the emissions incurred from the source and helps companies get closer to their net zero targets. 

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