Spiritus To Tackle The CO2 From Taylor Swift Super Bowl Flight

New Spiritus Initiative: Removing The Carbon Generated By Taylor Swift - Carbon Herald
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Spiritus, a company that specializes in climate technology solutions, has undertaken the ambitious initiative of ensuring that Taylor Swift ‘s international Super Bowl journey is environmentally friendly. During her tour in Japan, the popular singer flew to the event in Las Vegas on her private jet, and Spiritus has pledged to remove the carbon emissions produced from her flight to the United States.

“Taylor Swift ’s flight to the big game provides a platform where the power of music and the urgency of climate action converge,” says Charles Cadieu, Spiritus co-founder and CEO.

He adds, “By removing the carbon emissions of her flight from Japan to Las Vegas, we at Spiritus are supporting an icon and leveraging the team camaraderie of American football to highlight we’re all in this together. It’s a symbol of how every action, no matter the stage, can contribute to a more sustainable world.”

Cadieu emphasized the subtle differences in carbon management tactics, explaining that while offsets involve persuading others to reduce CO2 emissions elsewhere, carbon removal actually eliminates the CO2 emitted, resulting in a more effective approach to combating climate change.

The estimated distance covered by the flight of Taylor Swift is about 5,500 miles, which produces an estimated 40 tons of carbon emissions.

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The expense of compensating for 40 metric tons of CO2 from a single flight, at a rate of $700 per ton, would total around $28,000 with the existing technology available on the market.

In their effort to reduce decarbonization costs, Spiritus has developed a technology that could potentially bring spending down drastically to less than $100 per ton by mimicking the mechanism of the human lung.

This initiative is part of Spiritus’ larger mission to tackle climate deterioration and promote sustainable practices to preserve our planet. By partnering with high-profile figures like Taylor Swift, Spiritus hopes to raise awareness about the importance of reducing carbon emissions and inspire others to take action towards a greener future.

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