Spirit Energy Chooses Shearwater GeoServices For UK CCS Project Survey

Spirit Energy Chooses Shearwater GeoServices For UK CCS Project Survey - Carbon Herald

Shearwater GeoServices has secured a significant contract from Spirit Energy for a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in the UK. 

The decision to choose Shearwater for this project underscores their proven track record in providing valuable insights into seabed geology, which is crucial for energy companies looking to enhance their exploration and production efforts. 

The project, led by Spirit Energy, has received approval from the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA), and it will focus on transforming the North and South Morecambe gas fields into a major carbon storage center in the UK. 

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Known as the Morecambe net zero cluster, the facility is expected to have the capacity to store up to one gigaton of CO2, equivalent to three years of the UK’s current CO2 emissions.

As part of the project, Shearwater GeoServices will play a crucial role in gathering important data that will support the development of the CSS facility. 

The survey will provide valuable insights into the geology and topography of the Morecambe gas fields, helping to determine the best strategies for storing carbon emissions in the region. This information will be vital in ensuring the success of the project and its contribution to the UK’s carbon reduction goals.

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Tanya Herwanger, senior vice president of strategy and new markets at Shearwater GeoServices, stated that by utilizing their advanced data collection and imaging technology to assist operators in comprehending their storage sites, their efforts will contribute to the widespread implementation of CCS.

She adds, “CCS has been identified as a key mitigation measure for climate change, but deployment at scale remains the challenge. We are leveraging our expertise and our marine seismic technology to meet this challenge in order to build a more sustainable future.”

Scheduled for the summer of 2024, Shearwater’s six-week operation will mark the company’s fifth CCS survey within the past two years.

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