Spenner And Alcemy Achieve Cut 65% Of Emissions Cement Production

Spenner And Alcemy Achieve Cut 65% Of Emissions Cement Production - Carbon Herald

Alcemy, a Berlin-based Al startup focused on decarbonizing cement and concrete production, today announced that Spenner, Germany’s fifth-largest cement manufacturer, produced commercially viable “CEM X” using alcemy’s quality control software.

Alcemy and Spenner‘s “CEM X” offering is a durable, low-carbon, and cost-competitive cement alternative that boasts a 65% reduction in carbon emissions.

“CEM X” is a term for lab-developed, low-clinker cement. Leveraging alcemy’s Al platform, which collects and analyzes data related to chemistry, mineralogy, and particle size distribution and makes real-time quality predictions, Spenner was able to lower the clinker content in its end product to under 30%, compared to around 80% for standard cement products.

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“With ‘CEM X,’ we have reached a significant milestone on our journey to decarbonizing the cement industry,” said alcemy co-founder and CEO Leopold Spenner.

“Our goal is to equip the construction industry with sustainable cement and concrete alternatives without compromising on quality or cost, and our game-changing development with Spenner is proof that it is possible.”

Spenner’s “CEM X” composition incorporates a strategic blend of low-COz substitutes, including 33% granulated blast furnace slag and 37% limestone filler.

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These substitutions, in addition to alcemy’s technology, are critical to producing industry-leading “CEM X” and reducing cement-related emissions.

“Alcemy’s technology is a boon for cement decarbonization,” said Georg Weber, Head of Sales and authorized signatory at Spenner.

“Producing ‘CEM X’ in a commercial environment has long been considered an industry moonshot, but alcemy’s quality control software makes it a viable reality. We’re excited to scale our work together.”

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