SpectrumH2 Moves Ahead With Carbon Capture And Hydrogen Projects

SpectrumH2 is a Canada-based low-cost supplier of hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions that recently established new CCS and blue hydrogen projects. The company announced on November 30th that it has executed a Letter of Intent to assess the feasibility of a large-scale, carbon capture facility and associated sequestration project in Alberta. 

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It also executed a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with an intermediate natural gas producer to collaborate on the development of a blue hydrogen production plant in southern Alberta.

The first project involves the capture of CO2 at a large-scale industrial site and the transportation and sequestration of those emissions indefinitely into a suitable geologic formation. The company plans to work with a local EPC firm that will assist in the initial engineering stages of the project. 

The second project will see SpectrumH2 working with a natural gas producer to expand on blue hydrogen production in the region. The project includes the establishment of production, marketing, and distribution of the final product.

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The company has also submitted an Expression of Interest to the Government of Alberta to become a CO2 Hub Operator in the region. In search of expanding clients, it stated it is in discussions with other greenhouse gas emitters in the area to provide additional carbon capture and sequestration solutions.

The company is focused on providing customizable solutions for sustainable hydrogen applications and carbon capture services. Innovation is also at the core of its mission as it aims to examine and evaluate new ways to deliver its technologies in the expanding hydrogen sector. Such partnerships are also an indicator that carbon capture and hydrogen projects are growing to address the pressing challenges related to climate change.

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