South Pole Joins The Carbon Business Council To Scale Up The Carbon Removal Industry

South Pole Announced New Validated Emissions Reduction Targets - Carbon Herald

South Pole – one of the world’s largest climate solutions provider and carbon project developer, announced on September 5th it has joined the Carbon Business Council (CO2BC) – a nonprofit coalition representing more than 100 companies unified to contribute to restoring the climate. 

South Pole joins the council as a Cornerstone Member to accelerate the scaling up of technological carbon removals and to support an ecosystem of removal leaders.

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“… Because reversing climate change will require multiple solutions coming from both innovators and policymakers, it’s important to have market leaders like South Pole at the policy table,” commented Ben Rubin, the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Carbon Business Council.

As a Cornerstone Member, South Pole aims to work with the organization on developing policies, elevating why carbon removal is an essential pillar of climate action, planning events, and supporting the carbon removal ecosystem. 

According to Philip Moss, Global Director for Tech Carbon Removals at South Pole and Chairman, NextGen CDR Facility, the company wants to collaborate with the hundreds of CO2BC members in building the industry of long-term carbon removal solutions. 

“These are exciting times with growing interest in the sector, and the unique insights and network that the CO2BC provides will help South Pole and NextGen to be more effective partners and ensure the market grows in a responsible and sustainable way,” he explained.

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The NextGen CDR Facility (“NextGen”) is the world’s largest dedicated carbon removal portfolio, with ambitions to purchase over one million tonnes of CDRs by 2025. It represents a joint venture between South Pole and Mitsubishi Corporation established in 2022, that combines the technical expertise and global network of the companies involved to unlock the potential of large-scale carbon dioxide removal.

On April 2023, the facility announced a major milestone – its first advanced carbon dioxide removals purchase of 193,125 metric tons from three carbon removal projects. As a buyer of high-quality CDR, it is a great addition to the Council, unifying some of the companies inventing the climate solutions that hold the greatest potential to address the climate crisis.

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