South Pole And Regrow Partner To Boost Regenerative Agriculture

South Pole And Regrow Partner To Boost Regenerative Agriculture - Carbon Herald
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Climate solutions provider and carbon project developer South Pole is teaming up with agricultural tech firm Regrow Ag to scale regenerative agriculture around the world. 

South Pole has a proven track record of developing certified climate action projects globally and has been doing so for nearly 20 years now.

Regrow Ag, on the other hand, brings to the table some of the latest technological and scientific best practices for the monitoring of regenerative agricultural projects and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions accounting. 

By partnering with Regrow Ag, South Pole will receive access to these practices, as well as its proprietary Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) platform and suite of services that can facilitate the effective scaling of these projects. 

The platform has already achieved recognition by Climate Action Reserve and other certification standards bodies. 

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Hence, Regrow will contribute its adherence to the strict carbon certification standards by helping design South Pole’s project monitoring protocols and verifying the implementation of regenerative farming practices with the aid of satellite imagery and crop detection. 

In turn, South Pole will be able to provide farmers and project partners with long-term financing by continuing to facilitate best-practice sustainable agricultural carbon projects. 

In a comment on the recent partnership, CEO of South Pole, Renat Heiberger welcomed Regrow’s technological expertise and ‘scientific rigor’ that would help advance industry best practices and enhance South Pole’s projects. 

Anastasia Volkova, PhD, CEO of Regrow also expressed her excitement to partner with South Pole and “expand the access to regenerative agriculture as a decarbonization opportunity and ensure that sustainable farming is well-supported in both science and finance.” 

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