Solvang Carbon Capture Project Secures Government Funding

Solvang Carbon Capture Project Secures Government Funding - Carbon Herald
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The Solvang CCS project, which focuses on the capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, has recently received funding from the Norwegian Government. This funding will enable the project to transition from onshore testing to full-scale shipboard installation on the gas carrier Clipper Eris.

The Norwegian State, through Enova, has approved sponsorship for Solvang’s CCS project, allowing them to carry out a full-scale pilot of CO2 capture on board the gas tanker. This is a crucial step towards achieving environmental sustainability in the shipping industry, as vessels are responsible for a significant amount of global carbon emissions. 

Advancements in carbon capture technology have made significant progress in recent years, with one notable innovation being the retrofitting of vessels for sustainability. This collaboration between Solvang, scrubber manufacturer Wärtsilä, and the research institute Sintef is another instance of harnessing this innovative technology.

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The collaborative project, which began in 2021, has focused on processing data from various engine loads onshore at Wärtsilä’s facilities in Moss, Norway, producing outstanding results and signaling positive expectations for the future.

The project aims to use amine cleaning technology to capture 70 percent of the CO2 in the exhaust gas from the main engine, showcasing the entire value chain for handling CO2, including liquefaction and storage on board the ship.

Solvang plans to pilot this carbon capture technology on board one of their vessels for a duration of two years while it remains in normal commercial operation. The purpose of this pilot project is to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of carbon capture technology and determine its feasibility for future implementation.

If the pilot project proves to be successful, Solvang intends to install the technology on five additional ships that are slated to be delivered in 2026–2027.

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