Solar, Wind And Wave Hybrid Platform Launched By SINN Power

New First Of Kind Floating Hybrid PV System Launched By SINN Power - Carbon Herald

SINN Power – the German developer of patented wave energy technology, launched its new floating hybrid photovoltaic (PV) solution called the Water Lily. The Water Lily is a new floating PV platform that is durable, modular, economical and suitable for sea and freshwater. 

The company is transferring its long-term experience with floating power plants in maritime environments to calm waters. The technology combines solar, wind and wave power in a single offshore platform – an innovative solution to climate change mitigation, one that has not yet been achieved at a commercial scale. 

According to SINN Power, the new floating structure of the Water Lily is a sustainable and highly cost-efficient platform, developed with corrosion-resistant and nearly 100% recyclable materials. The technology also aims to solve the issue of scarcity of land when it comes to PV solar power generation. 

The floating photovoltaic systems are a perfect renewable energy solution to that problem. They are suitable for hydropower dam reservoirs, sandpit lakes, open-pit lakes, mining lakes, aquaculture farms, industrial wastewater and other lakes.

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“There is a huge demand for renewable electricity due to the phase-out of fossil fuels. Urgent action is needed to close this gap. The Water Lily will contribute to exploit the potential for electricity generation on calm waters. In doing so, SINN Power plans first projects in 2022,” said CEO Dr. Philipp Sinn.

The solar power innovation is a combination of different renewable energy sources that are low in carbon emissions and can replace fossil-fuel power generation. It represents a step forward to economical renewable energy production.

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