Solar Foods Rolls Out Solein, A Revolutionary Sustainable Protein

Solar Foods Rolls Out Solein, A Revolutionary Sustainable Protein - Carbon Herald

The food industry entered a new era of its development this May when Norwegian company Solar Foods rolled out its revolutionary sustainable protein named Solein. 

Produced from gas-fed microbes, this product marks a trailblazing step towards the future of food production that doesn’t rely on industrial agriculture.

At a unique culinary event held in Singapore on May 25th, the innovative protein was presented to a selected audience of relevant industry figures, where renowned chefs got the opportunity to create tasting menus and combine the product with everyday ingredients.

The event location is related to the fact that Singapore is the first country in the world to give Solein food regulatory approval. 

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The technological ingenuity of Solein comes from its farm-free creation resembling winemaking, which represents a bioprocess in which microbes are fed with gasses such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and oxygen along with microdoses of nutrients. The resulting end product is a protein-packed powder that contains all the essential amino acids.

Its flexible production process, which isn’t dependent on agriculture and climate factors, allows for the protein to be made even in harsh and extreme conditions like deserts and arctic areas, granting this product the status of the world’s most sustainable protein.

Composition-wise, Solein is 65–70% protein, 5–8% fat, 10–15% dietary fibers, and 3–5% mineral nutrients. It’s been described as carrying a delicate flavor with notes of umami and it can be combined with other conventional foods, as it won’t overpower the taste. A serving of Solein will provide vitamin B and iron, and the macronutrient structure of its cells resembles the one of dried soy or algae. 

After the successful debut of Solein in Singapore, Solar Foods is now aiming to make the product commercially available in other markets as well. Construction work is already underway in Vantaa, Finland, for the company’s first commercial production facility, Factory 01.

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