Snam Announces Interest For Carbon Capture And Hydrogen In Italy

Snam Announces Interest For Carbon Capture And Hydrogen In Italy - Carbon Herald

Italian energy infrastructure company Snam has just announced the launch of a market test for hydrogen demand and interest in carbon capture. 

Both hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) are an essential component of the company’s efforts to help Italy transition to greener energy solutions. 

In fact, Snam already has a project underway, together with fellow energy provider Eni, which involves setting up a CCS hub off the coast of Ravenna, which will help curb the emissions of notoriously hard-to-abate industrial CO2 emitters. 

The emissions captured from said emitters are to be stored permanently deep under the seabed at a capacity of roughly 300 million metric tons of CO2 by 2050, according to estimates from think-tank The European House.

Last month, Snam also announced a massive $12.5 billion investment by 2027 to support Italy’s energy infrastructure, which includes an LNG pipeline and the above carbon capture hub initiative. 

And while the use of CCS is recognized by the International Energy Agency (IEA) as a critical component to mitigating climate change and reducing emissions, opponents of the technology argue that it may act as a lifeline for the fossil fuel industry, giving emitters an excuse to continue pumping oil and gas. 

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A different project that Snam is also a part of – and known as the SoutH2 Corridor – will see a pipeline that will transport green hydrogen from North Africa to Italy, Germany and Austria. 

To further understand the current market demand for both hydrogen and CCS solutions in Italy, the gas grid operator will work together with local employers’ lobby Confindustria.

The market testing activities have already commenced and will go on until April 5, 2024, after which the results are said to be shared in the summer.

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