SLB Launches Screening And Ranking Tool For CO2 Storage Sites

SLB Launches Screening And Ranking Tool For CO2 Storage Sites - Carbon Herald
Credit: SLB

SLB (NYSE: SLB) – the American-French oilfield services company, formerly known as Schlumberger, launched on Oct 3rd its carbon storage screening and ranking solution that provides a detailed assessment of CO2 storage sites.

The tool increases confidence in site selection decisions based on scientific analysis of the long-term integrity and economic potential of an asset. It screens and ranks carbon storage sites using both technical and nontechnical data to provide a detailed assessment of their capacity and economic viability while identifying potential risks. 

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SLB also ranks the sites for the customer from best to worst, empowering them to prioritize areas with prime subsurface and surface characteristics, as well as high-grading zones for more detailed evaluation and investment.

The solution of SLB can save valuable time and resources in assessing viable CO2 storage sites and can influence whether a carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) project reaches a final investment decision (FID).

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“CCUS is one of the most immediate opportunities to reduce emissions, but it must scale up by 100–200 times in less than three decades to have the expected impact on global net zero ambitions… Ensuring that a storage site is both safer and economical is crucial for the speed, scale and investment needed to meaningfully drive CCUS growth for a low carbon energy ecosystem,” commented Frederik Majkut, senior vice president of Carbon Solutions for SLB’s New Energy business.

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