Skytree Reveals New Direct Air Capture Unit Skytree Stratus

Skytree Reveals New Direct Air Capture Unit Skytree Stratus - Carbon Herald
Credit: Skytree

Skytree, the developer of modular direct air capture unit, announced it is bringing to market a new product. The pioneering climate tech company announced on March 11th Skytree Stratus, the company’s newest decentralized Direct Air Capture (DAC) unit which is now available with shipments starting later this year. 

Stratus is a decentralized DAC unit for onsite carbon capture and utilization. The Skytree Stratus unit is the second product brough to market by the company and is significantly larger in terms of carbon capture capacity than Skytree Cumulus – a smaller scale unit launched last year. Stratus can capture from ambient air as much as 2750 lbs. (1250kg) of CO2  per day to meet the needs of large greenhouses and vertical farms.

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The fully modular nature of Stratus allows for multiple units to be combined into a “Skytree Stratus Hub” to meet larger volume needs. Such direct air capture systems are usually used by farmers to increase crop productivity and for other utilization purposes. Through partnerships, Skytree offers local liquefaction of CO2, required for storage of liquid CO2, enabling its clients to continuously capture and store CO2 in use during peak production periods. 

Stratus is available in hybrid and all-electric-powered configurations. It can also seamlessly integrate with the location’s onsite energy source. The hybrid version uses onsite thermal heat which reduces the need for electricity, delivering considerable savings as compared to the all-electric version. According to the company’s announcement, it aims to drive Stratus’ energy consumption to under 1kWh per kg of CO2 captured.

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“The introduction of Stratus reflects our great momentum and the strides we continue to make in providing CEA businesses with an innovative alternative to fossil fuel-based CO2. CEA businesses facing or expecting supply chain challenges and price instability want an independent and continuous supply of CO2… Stratus offers a reliable CO2 source for businesses seeking to boost crop yield while, at the same time, securing supply, and reducing carbon footprint,” said Rob van Straten, Skytree CEO.

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