Skytree Unveils Innovative Direct Air Capture Unit

Innovative Skytree Direct Air Capture Unit Advancing Carbon Emission Solutions - Carbon Herald
Source: Skytree

Skytree, a climate tech company focused on addressing climate change through innovative carbon capture and utilization technologies, has unveiled its first modular Direct Air Capture unit called Skytree Cumulus. This groundbreaking unit is designed to be installed in vertical farms, greenhouses, or any Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) business.

The company’s proprietary direct air capture technology is designed to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the surrounding air using a patented process to filter it and store it in pressurized buffer tanks.

This captured CO2 can then be accessed and reused by any business that regularly requires concentrated CO2. One of the key applications of this technology is its use by indoor farmers and greenhouse growers in the production of various products such as food, algae, vaccines, and flowers.

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The modular technology can be rapidly installed at any site and adjusted to accommodate the requirements of businesses of any magnitude.

The innovative Skytree Cumulus direct air capture unit sets a new standard for emission sequestration by providing a reliable and uninterrupted supply of up to 10 kg of CO2 in just 24 hours.

This impressive capacity not only addresses the growing demand for clean and affordable CO2 for industries such as Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), but it also helps alleviate the challenges associated with the procurement and transport of carbon dioxide.

Continuing its achievements, Skytree is currently developing a subsequent and more extensive direct air capture unit. The company’s objective is to enhance its potential to capture carbon dioxide and manufacture construction materials.

Expected to be capable of producing 400 kg of CO2 daily, the bigger unit is estimated to be available for sale in the second half of 2024. This advancement presents an opportunity for industries that are difficult to transition away from CO2 sourced from fossil fuels to make a permanent greener shift.

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