Skytree And Purolite Team Up to Revolutionize DAC Technology

Skytree And Purolite Team Up to Revolutionize DAC Technology - Carbon Herald

Skytree, a leader in climate tech solutions, has joined forces with Purolite, a prominent manufacturer of purification resins owned by Ecolab, to significantly improve Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology. 

This collaboration focuses on developing a new generation of capture material that is both energy-efficient and cost-effective.

The key lies in advanced sorbents, which will be incorporated into Skytree‘s DAC units. These improved sorbents promise to enhance the technology’s capabilities, opening doors for its application in new markets. 

The anticipated benefits include increased capture capacity, reduced energy consumption, and ultimately, a lower cost per ton of captured CO2. 

This partnership grants Purolite exclusive rights to supply resin materials for Skytree’s DAC technology. Both companies are enthusiastic about the collaboration. 

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Jennifer Sorrells, Vice President of RD&E at Purolite, stated: “We are thrilled to be working with Skytree to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, by applying our resin technology platform expertise to their carbon capture technology.”  

Skytree’s Chief Technology Officer, Wojciech Glazek, echoes the excitement, emphasizing the potential for optimizing capture materials through the combined expertise of both teams. 

“Our joint development and supply agreements are focused on increasing the operational CO2 capture capacity of the materials, which will substantially bring down energy consumption per ton,” Glazek said.

Their joint efforts aim to significantly increase the operational CO2 capture capacity of the materials, leading to a substantial reduction in energy consumption per ton of captured CO2. 

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“We are very impressed by Purolite’s technology innovation and share their corporate goal of positive energy impact,” said Rob van Straten, Skytree’s CEO. 

“Through this relationship, we will see immediate customer benefit and more broadly an impact across the entire DAC industry by making our optimized sorbents more widely available. The goal is to combat climate change by permanently removing gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere and supplying greenhouses, e-fuel manufacturers, and other businesses that need fossil-free CO2 supply.”

The collaboration between Skytree and Purolite represents a significant step forward in DAC technology, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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