Skullcandy’s Transparency Series Reaches Net-Zero CO2 Footprint

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Lifestyle audio brand Skullcandy announced on Aug. 9 its Transparency Series wireless earbuds, a product that brings visibility to environmental issues and is committed to a decrease in carbon emissions. Part of the profits from the Transparency Series will go toward funding the climate cause of Protect Our Winters.

In partnership with EcoChain, Skullcandy will evaluate, minimize and publish CO2 emissions. The audio brand has also partnered with TerraPass to invest in certified CO2 capture programs to offset its impact, thus bringing its Transparency Series to net-zero.

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“From materials and manufacturing to packaging, shipping and infrastructure, everything produced or consumed has an adverse effect on the environment,” said Nelson Fortier, Senior Director of Brand and Product Marketing, Skullcandy. “The Transparency Series serves as a platform to educate and empower our consumers, while raising awareness for environmental responsibility. By divulging our products’ impact, Skullcandy is raising the bar for accountability as we work to decrease our impact with each new product.”


Another one of Skullcandy’s limited edition collections– Take a Hike – also donates to Protect Our Winters.

The lifestyle audio brand is also involved in a variety of other sustainability initiatives. Its 1,000,000 Pound Pledge, for example, has committed to keeping 1,000,000 pounds of e-waste from landfills in the next few years. Skullcandy’s Upcycling Program upsycles returned products from retailers, and its Recycling Program allows customers to return their old headphones and earbuds for recycling. 

The company’s Carbon Checkout Program gives clients the opportunity to round up their purchase, making the order CO2 neutral. The Product Lifecycle Analysis of the company leverages CO2 footprint insights from EcoChain in order to make more sustainable decisions in design and manufacturing. And the Lean, Green Manufacturing Process brings down labor, materials, power usage and waste.

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