Sirona Technologies Announces $6.4M Seed Round To Scale Direct Air Capture In Africa

Sirona Technologies Announces $6.4M Seed Round To Scale Direct Air Capture In Africa - Carbon Herald
Sirona Technologies – Future commercial plant in Kenya. Credit: Sirona Technologies

Sirona Technologies – a direct air capture (DAC) startup founded in Brussels, announced a new funding milestone. The company has raised a €6 million Seed round led by LocalGlobe and XAnge to accelerate its technology. The investor lineup also includes Look Up Ventures, Satgana, VOYAGERS Climate-Tech Fund, Syndicate One, and Renaud Visage. 

The funding capital will help the company to fuel the scale up of its DAC technology and deploy its first pilot plant in Kenya. 

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“If we were to plant trees, we would have to cover an area the size of Asia. With Direct Air Capture, we need to run our machines on a 150 km x 150 km array of solar panels, which is about 10% of the clean energy that will be built by 2050. Both will play a role, but it’s clear that forests won’t be enough,” commented Thoralf Gutierrez, CEO and co-founder of Sirona Technologies. 

Even though it was founded in 2023, Sirona Technologies has managed to build several prototypes of its technology and is now building the next generation capable of capturing around 20 tons of CO2 annually. 

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It also made a partnership with Cella Mineral Storage (Cella) and Great Carbon Valley back in March 2024 to deploy their machines to build a direct air capture plant in Kenya. The pilot plant is set to be operational by the end of the year, with a full-scale commercial plant expected by early 2026, and a target to incrementally scale to 1 million tons of CO2 captured per year by 2030.

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