SINTEF Launches New Carbon Capture Research Project

SINTEF Launches New Carbon Capture Research Project - Carbon Herald

SINTEF, one of Europe’s most prominent independent research organizations, has launched the largest Research and Innovation project in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) ever funded by a European program.

The project called COREu is aimed at advancing the transition to a low-carbon future by showcasing critical technological solutions for the whole CCS value chain.

COREu also intends to aid the development of CCS routes that would connect industrial CO2 emitters with carbon storage locations in Central Eastern Europe. 

As shared by Chiara Caccamo, Research Manager at SINTEF and Coordinator of COREu, the initiative is a combined effort of more than 40 partners, all representing different stakeholders in the carbon capture value chain, from emitters and transportation companies to technology providers, academics, and beyond. 

“COREu has been conceived to ensure a holistic approach to CCS value chain demonstration and to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience across Europe,” Caccamo said. 

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The project will be focused on creating multimodal transportation and forming clusters of emitters in order to ensure the needed demand for and economic feasibility of large-scale deployment of CCS. 

There are four potential routes being considered by COREu, passing through Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine. 

“By demonstrating key technologies and opening up new CCS routes, COREu will contribute to the development of CCS at scale and pave the way for a greener and more resilient Europe,” said Mona Mølnvik, Research Director at SINTEF, COREu Project Owner and Director of the Norwegian CCS Research Centre (NCCS).

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