Singapore To Host Ecosperity 2024 With A Focus On Nature-Based Solutions

Singapore To Host Ecosperity 2024 With A Focus On Nature-Based Solutions - Carbon Herald
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Singapore is preparing to host the 2024 Ecosperity Conference, which will highlight efforts to rejuvenate nature and enhance carbon markets. 

The event, scheduled from April 15–17, will bring together key stakeholders, policymakers, and industry leaders to discuss innovative approaches to combat climate change and preserve biodiversity. 

One of the key highlights of the event will be a day dedicated to discussing the importance of nature and private funding for carbon projects in addressing climate change. This comes at a critical time when there is growing skepticism about the effectiveness of nature-based decarbonization solutions and current initiatives in safeguarding the environment.

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Last year, claims that forest conservation programs had exaggerated carbon credits to companies, falsely boasting environmental benefits, led to a significant dropout from the rapidly expanding market. 

In an attempt to address this issue, panelists at the conference will discuss the need for businesses to invest in nature-based solutions, pointing out the benefits of supporting quality-offsetting projects and sharing best practices for firms to follow when navigating the growing requirements for nature-related financial disclosures. 

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With a lineup of prominent speakers and field leaders, Ecosperity 2024 promises to be a catalytic event that inspires action and drives innovation in the realm of environmental protection. 

Representatives from two leading carbon project registries, Verra and Gold Standard, will be attending Ecosperity 2024 as guest speakers. They will be joined by leaders from the Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative (VCMI) and the Integrity Council for Voluntary Carbon Markets (ICVCM), as well as project developers and global financial regulators. 

Through organizing this event, the city-state is not just increasing knowledge about the significance of preserving nature but also laying the groundwork for valuable connections and alliances that can speed up advancements towards a more environmentally conscious future worldwide.

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