SINAI Technologies Releases Decarbonization Intelligence Portal Integrated With Tableau

SINAI Technologies Releases Decarbonization Intelligence Portal Integrated With Tableau - Carbon Herald
Source: SINAI Technologies

Last week SINAI Technologies announced the release of its Decarbonization Intelligence Portal, a tool aimed at providing reliable and actionable carbon data analytics and reporting.

Combining emission numbers and cash flows it now comes fully integrated with data visualization software Tableau, providing companies with a clear view of their progress when it comes to carbon management.

One of the most crucial advantages the portal provides is the ability to construct custom dashboards, allowing decision-makers in various roles to go from granular to big-picture views seamlessly.

Source: SINAI Technologies

“SINAI’s standard dashboards have multiple views to show the progression and tracking of emissions over time, including breakdowns by Scope, emissions source type (mobile combustion, stationary combustion, Scope 3 category, etc.). Emissions can be viewed by the business as a whole, or can be filtered by a subset of the business. In addition to the SINAI standard dashboards, users can also create company specific dashboards demonstrating their own specific emissions tracking,” says Alisha Giglio, Climate Change Expert at SINAI.

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With Tableau the DI Portal provides the capability to have automated visualizations, simplifying target tracking, identifying areas with potential for carbon footprint reduction, as well as optimizing the distribution of resources and team efforts.

In addition, the DI Portal provides companies with the ability to report carbon emissions in an efficient manner. Able to work with frameworks like CDP, TCFD and SEC, this functionality will allow for the streamlining of the reporting process and making sure it is up to date with the constantly changing regulations. “SINAI will continue to work to expand and improve the reports we support through the Decarbonization Intelligence Portal, including maintaining accurate reporting requirements for standard reporting formats,” adds Alisha Giglio.

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