SINAI Gains New Customer, Gears For Further Expansion In Brazil

SINAI Gains New Customer, Gears For Further Expansion In Brazil - Carbon Herald

SINAI Technologies, an innovative enterprise software company aiding carbon-heavy industries in transitioning to net zero, has announced a successful partnership with Grupo Boticário, a major cosmetics manufacturer in Brazil.

Thanks to SINAI’s digital tools, Grupo Boticário has enhanced the accounting of scope 3 emissions, significantly improving its capacity for effective carbon action.

This collaboration has led to Positive Ventures, a São Paulo-based investor, strategically investing in SINAI, which has thus gained its first Brazilian investor and paved the way for further expansion in Brazil this year.

Grupo Boticário’s partnership with SINAI showcases proactive climate tech, setting a precedent for corporate sustainability, according to the San Francisco-based company.

Before digitizing its inventory, Grupo Boticário only accounted for 67% of its emissions.

With SINAI’s expertise, a comprehensive assessment revealed over 97% of emissions fell within scope 3 categories, exceeding thresholds set by the Science Based Targets initiative.

Leveraging SINAI’s software, Grupo Boticário unified departmental efforts, resulting in a verified inventory and ambitious decarbonization targets.

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SINAI’s support extended to developing an improvement plan for scope 3 emissions, transitioning from expense-based methodologies to mass data calculations.

Looking ahead, Grupo Boticário aims to effectively reduce emissions, prioritizing cost-effective and science-based actions using SINAI’s scenario analysis.

As global commitment to sustainability strengthens, the Net Zero Tracker indicates a significant trend towards carbon neutrality by 2050, which highlights the critical need for innovative solutions in carbon-intensive industries, SINAI said.

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