Simplifying Carbon Offsetting: Calyx Global and CNaught Join Forces

Simplifying Carbon Offsetting: Calyx Global and CNaught Join Forces - Carbon Herald

Calyx Global and CNaught have teamed up to streamline carbon credit purchases with a groundbreaking co-created portfolio. 

This innovative solution allows buyers to access top-rated, risk-minimized credits through CNaught‘s user-friendly platform, all within minutes.

GreenBiz is the first company to leverage the Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio. 

They’ll use these credits to offset the carbon footprint of their major conferences, empowering attendees to mitigate their travel emissions as well.

A Powerful Partnership for Verified Impact

Calyx Global and CNaught share a common goal: simplifying and guaranteeing high-quality climate action. 

This partnership brings together the best of both worlds: CNaught handles the intricate task of sourcing credits, while Calyx Global provides independent verification of project quality.  

Maintaining this independence is crucial, which is why Calyx Global abstains from selling credits themselves.

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Every project within the Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio undergoes a meticulous vetting process to ensure the top 10% ranking in greenhouse gas integrity. 

Additionally, each credit is meticulously screened for environmental and social risks, guaranteeing that none carry more than a “moderate” risk rating. 

This comprehensive evaluation empowers buyers to be confident in their carbon offsetting choices, maximizing impact while minimizing risk.

Effortless Access to Sustainable Solutions

Accessing the Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio is as simple as visiting the official website.  

GreenBiz conference attendees can also leverage dedicated tools within the event platform to offset their travel emissions with this trustworthy portfolio.

Calyx Global doesn’t sell credits directly, but they collaborate with trusted partners like CNaught to empower businesses and consumers to achieve greater environmental impact.

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“In our ongoing effort to mitigate our emissions and make GreenBiz events spaces where we don’t simply talk about climate action, but also create the future we want to live in, we’re proud to partner with CNaught and its Calyx Global Highly-Rated Portfolio to retire credits exclusively from high-quality projects that have been rigorously vetted by the CNaught and Calyx Global teams,” said Eric Faurot, CEO of GreenBiz Group 

“Buyers of this portfolio can have the peace of mind that comes with a high Calyx Global rating and take immediate action on their climate goals with CNaught’s easy purchase process,” said Duncan van Bergen, co-founder of Calyx Global.

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