SigmaRoc Launches New Carbon Capture Facility In Sweden

SigmaRoc Launches New Carbon Capture Facility In Sweden - Carbon Herald
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The leading European quarried materials group SigmaRoc set a new industry standard with an innovative carbon capture facility installed at the group’s Nordkalk Köping site. 

The Swedish quicklime production center will benefit from a groundbreaking, scalable CO2 capture system based on Aqualung membrane technology.

Pursuing Net Zero targets and better environmental practices for the future, SigmaRoc conducted extensive research to determine the technology best suited to be applied to their business operations. After reviewing various absorption methods, including amine, solid, membrane, and cryogenic, the Aqualung membrane technology was selected as the best match.

This decision was based on a list of factors, including Aqualung’s fully scalable, modular design, low capital and operational costs, low complexity, environmentally friendly technology with a small carbon footprint, delivering efficient results, and contributing towards a highly favorable energy balance.

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The revolutionary carbon capture module installed at Köping is able to sequester up to 25% of emissions produced during the standard klin process at Nordkalk facilities. It was originally created as a capture and release system used to validate the sturdiness and efficiency of the Aqualung membranes.

At its new location, the module will be connected to a pilot purification module aiming to simulate settings that increase the purity of CO2, which can then be put to use in a variety of end applications.

Nordkalk plans to scale the Köping carbon capture system, and the project has already secured partial funding from the Swedish Energy Agency. The purpose of this project will be to implement and develop the system and capitalize on the knowledge base gathered from the engineering, commissioning, and operation phases of the initial module.

SigmaRoc’s long-term ambition is to implement this new technology in all of Nordkalk’s klin locations by 2030.

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