Shell To Supply Humber Zero Hub With Carbon Capture Technology

Shell To Supply Humber Zero Hub With Carbon Capture Technology - Carbon Herald

The £1.2 billion ($1.63 billion) project called Humber Zero that aims to sequester permanently 8 million tons of CO2 per year, appointed Shell to provide the carbon capture technology that will take away the emissions from the VPI Immingham combined heat and power station (CHP) in the UK.

Shell’s technology CANSOLV will be retrofitted at two of three gas-fired power generators at VPI Immingham’s power station to support the capture of carbon-rich flu gas. Technip Energies, which is Shell’s Alliance partner for Cansolv CO2 technology, will support the design of the capture unit and the pilot plant. 

The installation will aim to capture up to 95% of the CO2 in the gas, preventing it from being emitted to the atmosphere and allowing it to be compressed, transported, and safely stored in geological structures under the seabed.

“Industrial-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) will be essential if the UK is to achieve its net zero targets… Shell brings considerable expertise in this field and we look forward to working with them on this exciting and vitally important project,” said VPI Project Director for Humber Zero, Jonathan Briggs.

The oil company’s CANSOLV CO2 capture technology has been in operation since 2013, including in the large-scale commercial project at SaskPower in Canada, where it is designed to capture up to 1 million tons per year of CO2.

It was reported in January that the system failed to capture the promised 90% of CO2 emissions for 2021. Instead, the world’s only carbon capture installation on a coal power plant caught 43% fewer metric tons of CO2 last year compared with the year before. 

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The Humber Zero decarbonization project is essential for the UK to achieve its carbon dioxide removal targets and create new high-quality jobs. It will also receive £12.5 million of government funding through the Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge and from the Humber Zero partners – VPI Immingham and Philips 66 Ltd, that will match the figure.

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