Shell Selects BASF Carbon Capture Technology For Decarbonization

Shell Selects BASF Carbon Capture Technology For Decarbonization - Carbon Herald

Oil giant Shell is looking to accelerate decarbonization and has selected BASF’s Sorbead Adsorption Technology to use for its carbon capture and storage activities. Shell will collaborate with chemicals producer BASF to evaluate, de-risk, and deploy its Sorbead Adsorption Technology for Shell’s pre and post-combustion carbon capture projects around the world. 

BASF’s s technology will be used to dehydrate CO2 gas after it has been captured by Shell’s CO2 capture operations.

BASF Carbon Capture Technology

BASF’s Sorbead Adsorption Technology is an environmentally friendly solution for the dehydration of CO2 prior to pipeline transportation and underground storage. The sorbead it uses is acid resistant, has a high capacity for water, and regenerates at a lower temperature compared to activated alumina or molecular sieves.

The Sorbead Adsorption Technology makes sure the treated gas is free of glycol and meets stringent pipeline and underground storage specifications. According to BASF, it can benefit customers with long life, reliability, ease of operation, and lower OpEx compared to molecular sieve technology. 

“BASF has enjoyed a great partnership with Shell over the past several years, and I am happy to see another successful qualification. BASF is proud to support Shell in their effort to reach net-zero emissions and work toward improving environmental conditions around the world”, said Dr. Detlef Ruff, Senior Vice President and Process Catalysts at BASF.

Shell Has No Other Way But To Speed Up Energy Transition - Carbon Herald

According to Lori Motherwell, General Manager Gas Processing Technology in Shell, the company welcomes its partner’s technology into its portfolio to accelerate the transition to net zero operations. She also commented that the solution is cost-effective and efficient in the removal of water from CO2 – a critical part of the carbon capture and storage process. 

The partnership between Shell and BASF is facilitating both companies in their decarbonization efforts as the world is pushing heavy emitters like oil companies to speed up their emissions reductions activities.

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