Severn Wye To Build Mersey Biochar Project In Warrington

Severn Wye To Build Mersey Biochar Project In Warrington - Carbon Herald

The Warrington Borough Council in Warrington, Cheshire, UK has approved the demolition of a row of buildings to make way for the carbon capture and utilization (CCU) site Mersey Biochar Project.

The project applicant, Severn Wye Energy Agency, has outlined details on the project in their planning documents. 

According to those, the Mersey Biochar project is part of UK’s direct air capture and greenhouse gas removal programme, which aims to research technological and commercial approaches to carbon emissions mitigation at the lowest possible costs. 

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The project will produce heat while utilizing a capture at source technology via a biomass pyrolysis plant, the documents state. 

Mersey Biochar will capture and permanently sequester carbon in the form of solid biochar. The project will also capture carbon in flue gas for utilization to produce a range of outputs such as biochar, construction products, and heat that can be recovered and reused within district heating systems. 

According to Severn Wye Energy Agency’s website, the technology they develop is expected to maximize the CO2 capture potential of biochar production, bring down the cost of CO2 reduction, and offer a range of marketable products.

Severn Wye Energy Agency, which was established in 1999, is a sustainability charity that works across Wales and the West of England.

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