Sener Designs New Sustainable Biofuel Tanker With Carbon Capture

Sener Designs New Sustainable Biofuel Tanker With Carbon Capture - Carbon Herald

Private engineering and technology company Sener has announced the completion of its design for a new sustainable biofuel tanker that is equipped with carbon capture.

The new type of marine vessel is intended to help decarbonize the shipping sector, while also offering a solution for supplying biofuels during bunkering operations. 

Sener has been in the naval industry for over 60 years now and has extensive knowledge and experience in the field. 

With its novel design, the company hopes to address a number of issues and has aligned it with the energy efficiency and emission reduction requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

In addition to being able to carry different types of fuel oils, gas oils and biofuels, Sener’s new type of tanker will also have the capacity to store captured CO2 emissions from other nearby ships. 

Another noteworthy design feature is one that allows shipowners to select the best technical-economic configurations to meet their needs based on priorities, such as safety, costs, ease of installation, etc. 

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Furthermore, the Sener tanker ship has a complete emission reduction system that consists of a carbon capture and storage (CCS) solution, a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, and a sulfate cleaning system.

And as a means of expanding its decarbonization reach, the tanker can store CO2 emissions captured from other vessels in the surrounding area. 

“Decarbonizing the naval sector is a very important objective for the economy as a whole, beyond the impact on the maritime industry,” said Roberto Fernández Pascual, Director of the Naval Business Unit at Sener.

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