Seed Round Success: Pioneering Climate Tech Start-up Seqana Raises €2.1M

Seed Round Success: Pioneering Climate Tech Start-up Seqana Raises €2.1M - Carbon Herald

Seqana, a Berlin-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that evaluates the environmental impact of carbon farming projects, has announced the successful completion of its seed funding round of €2.1 million.

The funding was led by HTGF and Counteract, with additional support from existing investor ReGen Ventures.

The significant seed round funding will enable Seqana to further develop its ground-breaking technology aimed at revolutionizing the way soil carbon levels are measured.

By leveraging earth observation and satellite imagery-powered machine learning models, the company is able to significantly reduce the costs associated with soil carbon measurement.

In fact, Seqana’s technology has the potential to slash these costs by up to 50%, making carbon farming more accessible and affordable for farmers and stakeholders in the agrifood sector.

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The implications of Seqana’s technology extend beyond just cost savings. With the ability to accurately measure soil carbon levels, the company is poised to make a significant boosting impact on both the agrifood sector and voluntary carbon markets. 

Seqana’s technology is particularly beneficial for businesses, such as those in the food and beverage industry, that aim to adhere to regulations, satisfy customer demands, and enhance crop productivity and supply chain dependability through the utilization of carbon farming approaches that entail the sequestration of carbon in the soil. 

For these users, the climate tech startup offers a cost-effective, comprehensive, and scalable solution for evaluating the environmental benefits of their decarbonization initiatives.

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Having analyzed more than 5 million hectares of soil so far, Seqana is well on its way to becoming the leading provider of measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) services globally.

The CEO, Stefan Gönner, stated that this funding represents a significant achievement in their goal to expand carbon farming. He also mentioned that it provides support for their efforts to combat climate change through the expansion of climate-smart agriculture, all while maintaining high standards for scientific accuracy.

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