Seabound Carbon Capture Solution Completes Its Maiden Voyage

Seabound Carbon Capture Solution Completes Its Maiden Voyage - Carbon Herald

UK carbon capture company Seabound just completed its maiden voyage onboard a 3,200 TEU Lomar ship called Sounion Trader.

The pilot project saw the collection of data over the course of two months at sea, the results of which are highly satisfactory. 

Seabound’s carbon capture device managed to capture 78% of the ship’s CO2 emissions and over 90% of its sulfur emissions. 

The technology was granted approval from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and the pilot tests were made possible thanks to support from ship owner Lomar and German international shipping and container transportation company Hapag-Lloyd, which chartered the ship.

The emissions captured from the vessel’s exhaust were solidified, forming calcium carbonate pebbles that could be offloaded at port.

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Over the course of the testing period, Seabound’s technology captured about one metric ton of carbon dioxide per day, where the test took place in the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. 

Alisha Fredriksson, CEO and co-founder of Seabound, commented on the successful test results, by saying they demonstrate the company’s ability to capture carbon emissions onboard ships in a way that is both “simple and cost-effective”.

“This breakthrough demonstrates that the shipping industry doesn’t have to wait for new fuels or solutions to reduce its emissions in the future – we can start to capture carbon from the existing fleet today,” Fredriksson said. 

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