SCSK And SINAI Technologies Join Forces To Amplify Decarbonization Offerings In Japan

SCSK And SINAI Technologies Join Forces To Amplify Decarbonization Offerings In Japan - Carbon Herald
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SCSK Corporation And SINAI Technologies announced a partnership on March 10 that aims to amplify the companies’ respective decarbonization offerings in Japan. This includes using SINAI’s expertise in scope 3 management and scenario modeling for organizations in Japan, and SCSK’s customers that need mitigation modeling.

The partnership between SINAI and SCSK will allow companies to develop their CO2 neutrality and decarbonization journeys by utilizing the global SINAI Decarbonization Intelligence Platform and SCSK’s digital capabilities and broad partnership network.

SCSK and SINAI will work on joint sales and marketing activities, including for the Japanese rollout of SINAI’s Decarbonization Intelligence Platform. SINAI provides digital solutions for managing greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale, and for scenario-based forecasts and simulations. 

Together with SCSK’s CO2 management, the two organizations will work to support a series of decarbonization processes, including data collection automation, energy consumption, and emissions management.

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“I am confident that our partnership with SINAI will offer customers in Japan the chance to accelerate their GX (Green transformation) journeys, while simultaneously strengthening our own GX service initiatives within SCSK,” said Seiji Sato, Senior Corporate Officer and General Manager of Digital Innovation Center, SCSK corporation. “With SINAI’s extensive experience in solving complex decarbonization challenges and our own strong customer base and wide-ranging industry expertise, we will offer GX solutions that realize SCSK’s mission and work together to deliver new value to our customers in Japan market.” 

SINAI’s Decarbonization Intelligence Platform allows organizations to visualize and manage emissions from different perspectives such as by facilities or processes. It also visualizes measures to bring down emissions in terms of cost and scale of reduction. Companies using the platform can set targets for emissions and access reduction simulations. 

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