Scientists Extract Purest Hydrogen With 99% Carbon Capture Efficiency

Scientists Extract Purest Hydrogen With 99% Carbon Capture Efficiency - Carbon Herald

Scientists at the CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (CSIR-IICT) have come up with innovative technology that uses carbon capture technology to extract clean hydrogen. 

The new technology produces the purest form of H2 using non-fuel grade bio-ethanol.

The fluidized bed reactor facility in Hyderabad can perform sorption enhanced steam methane reformation that results in the extraction of very clean hydrogen. 

This system helps remove CO2 from the site with the help of sorbents. It neutralizes the equilibrium restrictions of steam reforming and produces clean hydrogen at the end. 

Aspen plus models have been utilized to conduct a thermodynamic investigation on how non-fuel grade bioethanol can be used to produce high purity hydrogen. 

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Here the vapor is trapped and converted into a condensed form called sorbent.

The team called both methods to be sorption enhanced chemical looping reforming (CLC-SECLR), and sorption enhanced steam reforming (CLC-SESR), both of which rely completely on the sorption process. 

The power and heat demand in both of these systems can be compensated with steam generation and power generation mechanisms. As a result, both of these are sustainable in terms of energy.

Efficiency of the newly developed system:

The system had an efficiency of:

  • Carbon capture – 99.13% and 99.58%
  • Hydrogen purity –  99.15% and 99.71%. 
  • Energy efficiency – 39.47% and 37.30%

Many researchers around the globe are working hard on finding new ways to capture and utilize CO2.

For instance, earlier this year, the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research in Kolkata discovered that many types of nanoparticles can trap carbon dioxide in their mesoporous voids.

As a result, they came up with a plan to synthesize solid absorbents that can efficiently capture carbon from within mixtures of other gasses. 

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