SCB And Thallo Partner On Digital Carbon Credits

SCB And Thallo Partner On Digital Carbon Credits - Carbon Herald
Source: Thallo

Blockchain carbon marketplace Thallo and SCB Environmental Markets announced today they will be working together on digital carbon credits. 

SCB is the world’s leading low carbon commodity brokerage firm with 17 years’ expertise in environmental markets.

The company supports the funding of of high-integrity and quality emission reduction and removal projects around the world, and has itself achieved carbon neutrality in 2021. 

In turn, Thallo is a cutting-edge tech company that boasts a large and varied portfolio of carbon projects globally. 

The company’s platform is designed to facilitate the trading of carbon credits in order to help advance the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

The joint project will combine SCB’s services in the carbon space and Thallo’s technological expertise with the aim of making it easier for individuals and businesses to purchase verified, high-quality carbon credits. 

Under the agreement, SCB will provide carbon credits from several different registries via Thallo’s two-way bridge, which is a one-of-a-kind solution that ensures traceability and transparency in the process of moving carbon credits from registries onto and off the blockchain.

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The credits will be made available on Thallo’s new Carbon-as-a-Service offering.

Furthermore, both Thallo and SCB have agreed to work together towards increasing understanding of digital credit markets and blockchain-based voluntary carbon markets by hosting webinars and workshops. 

“As a leader in environmental markets, we believe that digitization is key to increased integrity – and therefore growth – of the voluntary carbon market,” says Kevin McGeeney, CEO of SCB. 

“This collaboration with market-leading, low carbon trading company SCB is a significant milestone for Thallo’s vision of providing customers with access to the entire carbon market in a high-credibility, digitized fashion,” Joseph Hargreaves, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Thallo, said.

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