Samsung Engineering And Svante Sign New MOU

Samsung Engineering & Svante Sign New MOU - Carbon Herald

Samsung Engineering and Svante have come together in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at delivering commercial carbon capture, utilization, and storage projects in Asia and the Middle East.

The strategic partnership, signed by the two companies at the ADIPEC 2023 conference in Abu Dhabi, will allow them to work together on various aspects of these projects, from the early development stage all the way through to engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC).

This partnership aims to target emissions produced from hard-to-abate heavy industries such as cement, steel, hydrogen, and fertilizer in Asia and the Middle East, where the collaboration will leverage Svante’s innovative solid sorbent-based carbon capture filter technology.

The decarbonization company has created an innovative carbon capture and removal mechanism that utilizes structured adsorbent beds, or filters, coated with nanoengineered solid adsorbent materials. These filters are capable of capturing CO2 from industrial emissions of commodities such as cement, steel, fertilizer, and hydrogen.

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One of the key applications of Svante’s technology is in the field of direct air capture (DAC). This process involves trapping and removing CO2 that has already been emitted into the atmosphere. Svante’s filter technology plays a crucial role in capturing and removing CO2 from ambient air in a cost-effective manner.

The implementation of this state-of-the-art technology will help emission-intensive industries, providing a crucial solution for their shift towards sustainability. Moreover, the two companies will also work together to explore design iterations of Svante’s post-combustion carbon capture plants.

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By combining Samsung Engineering ‘s proficiency in the field of engineering, procurement, and construction with Svante ‘s ground-breaking technology for capturing and eliminating carbon, these two companies together present a robust partnership that presents advanced decarbonization solutions to clients in industries with high carbon footprints.

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