RWE, Harbour Energy To Explore Carbon Capture At UK Power Sites

RWE, Harbour Energy To Explore Carbon Capture At UK Power Sites - Carbon Herald

RWE, which is one of the leading electricity generators in the UK, has partnered with Harbour Energy, UK’s biggest independent oil and gas producer. The two companies will investigate options to capture, transport, and store carbon dioxide from RWE’s gas-fired power stations via Viking CCS, which is Harbour Energy’s carbon transport and storage network. 

RWE is looking at carbon capture as a solution to delivering decarbonized, reliable, and dispatchable power stations close to the proposed CO2 networks or with access to shipping sites like Viking CCS.

The projects in development are located near Newark at an RWE-owned site on the Humber. As part of the partnership, the captured carbon dioxide would be transported to the location of the former Theddlethorpe Gas Terminal. The CO2 would then be transported 140 kilometers to Harbour Energy’s depleted Viking gas fields in the North Sea, 9,000 feet beneath the sea for permanent storage. 

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The partnership with RWE will strengthen the country’s global leadership in carbon capture and storage, said Steve Cox, EVP HSES, Net Zero, and CCS, Harbour Energy. “We look forward to working together to make a nationally significant contribution to the UK’s CO2 emissions reduction targets while creating and safeguarding low carbon jobs and maintaining vital but hard-to-decarbonize industries in the Humber and surrounding regions.”

RWE acknowledges that the UK East Coast has become a decarbonization hub and looks forward to partnering with Harbour Energy on the development of generation assets that could complement the region’s ongoing decarbonization activities, said Tom Glover RWE UK Country Chair. 

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