Running Tide Announced The Deployment Of Open Ocean Satellites

Running Tide Announced The Deployment Of Open Ocean Satellites - Carbon Herald
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As ocean carbon removal is scaling up, the sector’s need of real time data about the ocean, monitoring its carbon cycle is growing rapidly. Ocean carbon removal startup Running Tide announced it has successfully deployed two separate constellations of its ocean observation platforms out of its base in Iceland.

The platforms will be observing the sea, designed and built to provide a live stream of data and imagery, that will be increasing knowledge of the ocean. The company will be feeding these new streams of data into its modeling, to increase its resolution of how the carbon removal system moves through the ocean, and ultimately moves carbon from the fast to slow carbon cycle.

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According to the company, this milestone is a breakthrough of a great magnitude therefore Running Tide has built a interdisciplinary team to design, build, test, and deploy its cutting-edge sensor system in the world’s most challenging environment. 

Running Tide’s team includes experts like agronomists, industrial designers, ecologists, marine scientists, fishers, system engineers, geologists, computational geneticists, bioprocess engineers on staff, and a growing ecosystem of research and industrial partners.

The company has also developed components that help build a system capable of quantifying the power of the biological carbon pump. These components are empirical testing within its ocean laboratories, including onshore wave tanks, weathering tests, sophisticated ocean models, mesocosms, and ocean sensor buoys designed for estuarine, coastal, and offshore environments. 

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All of these technologies give Running Tide a deeper understanding of ocean biogeochemistry, and the ability to measure and model the positive and negative effects of any interventions the company or its partners are doing like removing CO2 out of the sea.

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