Rubicon Carbon & YvY Capital To Boost Investments In Brazil

Rubicon Carbon & YvY Capital To Boost Investments In Brazil - Carbon Herald

Rubicon Carbon, a company at the forefront of carbon credit management and investment, and YvY Capital, a prominent Brazilian asset manager committed to the green economy, just announced their collaboration. 

This partnership aims to significantly boost investments in reducing carbon emissions within Brazil.

The collaboration will focus on identifying and financing projects that generate high-quality carbon credits. 

Brazil, with its vast rainforests, is a key region for global carbon markets. The Amazon Rainforest, a biodiversity hotspot, plays a crucial role in regulating the Earth’s climate.

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By working together, Rubicon Carbon and YvY Capital will explore a variety of solutions for carbon reduction, including both nature-based options and innovative technologies. 

Their combined expertise and resources will help create a more efficient and impactful carbon market, ultimately contributing to combating climate change on a global scale.

Tom Montag, CEO at Rubicon Carbon, stated: “We see Brazil and Latin America as critical regions in the fight against climate change. We are excited to join forces with YvY Capital to accelerate the development of carbon markets in Brazil.”

“Through this collaboration, we aim to unlock opportunities that deliver both environmental and financial value.”

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YvY Capital is dedicated to sustainability and sees this alliance as a strategic move for bolstering Brazil’s resilience to climate change and protecting its unique biodiversity.

“Our Partnership with Rubicon aligns with our mission to accelerate and scale the transition to the Green Economy,” said Gustavo Montezano, CEO of YvY Capital and former CEO of the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES). 

“Together, we will work towards deploying capital into projects that mitigate climate change and support local communities and ecosystems.”

This collaboration between Rubicon Carbon and YvY Capital represents a significant step towards a future with lower carbon emissions. 

By combining their strengths, they aim to make Brazil a leader in carbon markets and contribute meaningfully to global climate action efforts.

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