Rubicon Carbon, Freepoint Commodities & Imperative Global To Scale High-Quality Carbon Projects

Rubicon Carbon, Freepoint Commodities & Imperative Global To Scale High-Quality Carbon Projects - Carbon Herald

Rubicon Carbon, a next generation carbon solutions provider, and Freepoint Commodities today announced they have entered into an agreement with Imperative Global (“Imperative”) for the development, financing, and marketing of up to $500 million of Imperative’s high-quality carbon projects.

The Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM), currently valued at $2 billion, is anticipated to surge to around $250 billion by 2050. The collaboration between Rubicon Carbon, Freepoint Commodities, and Imperative signifies a shared commitment to drive quality within the VCM and introduce institutional-scale capital to finance the development of next generation, large-scale projects.

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“We are proud to partner with Imperative as they continue to scale their business and pipeline. By emphasizing quality and introducing institutional-scale capital to large projects, we are setting new market standards. Our strategic partnership puts us in position to help progress the Voluntary Carbon Market through a focus on integrity and quality. Rubicon Carbon has always sought to collaborate with the best developers worldwide, and our commitment to this partnership reflects that aspiration,” said Chris Brown, Head of Rubicon Carbon Capital, the company’s project financing arm. Rubicon Carbon Capital partners directly with project developers to catalyze the implementation of new, high integrity carbon projects.

“At Imperative we believe that, by applying the rigor, discipline, processes and technology associated with large-scale projects in more mature sectors, we can deliver scale and address the issue of quality at the source – on the ground where project activities are occurring. This collaboration with Rubicon Carbon and Freepoint Commodities brings together institutional capital, specialized carbon know-how and deep, large-scale projects expertise. Our goal is to work together to develop best-in-class projects with sector-defining quality and scale,” said Scobie Mackay, CEO of Imperative.

The parties have joined forces on large-scale nature-based removals projects and impactful initiatives in the Global South. Every dollar of capital invested in these projects is intended to yield meaningful climate, biodiversity, and community benefits.

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Imperative’s project portfolio will span Africa, Asia, and Latin America, with a focus on native-species reforestation, mangrove restoration, and large-scale agroforestry. The parties firmly believe in the use of the VCM to drive a just transition, with projects designed to create transformative benefits for local communities.

Through this collaboration, the aim is to generate over 100 million tCO2e of high-quality Verra and/or Gold Standard carbon credits, in addition to substantial co-benefits for biodiversity and other sustainable development goals.

“As Freepoint Commodities continues to grow its global voluntary carbon business we are investing in high-quality, high integrity projects and project developers. As part of this strategy, we are excited to support Imperative in their mission to become a market leader in the space. This strategic collaboration brings together a unique combination of sector expertise that will enable Imperative to develop an impactful portfolio at the necessary pace and scale, while expanding the suite of products and services Freepoint offers to its customers,” said Andrew Hallett, Senior Managing Director at Freepoint Commodities.

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