Rubicon Carbon Announces New Carbon Removal And Portfolio Offerings

Rubicon Carbon Announces New Carbon Removal And Portfolio Offerings - Carbon Herald

Rubicon Carbon, a leading innovator in climate solutions, announced new offerings designed to complement the company’s unique approach to risk adjustment. Rubicon Carbon’s new solutions offer its clients the opportunity to purchase exclusive access to carbon removal credits through its latest Rubicon Carbon Tonne™ (RCT).

RCTs represent portfolios of high-quality carbon credits that the company creates, curates, and actively manages on behalf of its clients. Rubicon Carbon adjusts for the anticipated environmental impact of its portfolios and over-retires additional credits from a portfolio that has a risk of over-crediting in order to ensure that each retired RCT reflects the desired amount of avoided or reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

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“We’ve designed these new solutions to lead the industry evolution toward the voluntary carbon market (VCM) 2.0, in which carbon projects are unquestionably credible, buying quality credits is easy, and environmental impact is both real and properly accounted for,” said Rubicon Carbon CEO Tom Montag.

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The carbon removal portfolio adds to Rubicon Carbon’s existing two RCTs containing nature-based and industrial emissions reductions. With its new blended Carbon Removals RCT portfolio, the company can now offer its clients access to credits derived from proven carbon removal projects such as biochar conversion, afforestation, reforestation and revegetation projects, enhanced rock weathering and biomass with carbon removal and storage.

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Speaking on the impact of the new Carbon Removals RCT, Rubicon’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jennifer Jenkins notes, “We embrace the importance of reducing emissions from natural sources such as forest conversion, and we also recognize that many buyers seek to make a gradual transition from avoided emissions to removals credits. Up to now, quality removals have been difficult to purchase at scale on the spot market. Our new blended Carbon Removals RCT portfolio provides a de-risked, off-the-shelf removals option for buyers while catalyzing the market for supply partners.”

In addition to its new Carbon Removals RCT portfolio, Rubicon is also launching a build-your-own RCT functionality that enables clients to customize their own static portfolio of projects to achieve their sustainability goals. In doing so, customers can still take advantage of the RCT’s risk mitigation features while building a bespoke portfolio to match their unique needs and interests.

Commenting further, Montag notes, “The tools of finance teach us a lot about how to manage risk, which is critical to the rapidly evolving VCM. Rubicon Carbon is uniquely positioned to drive much-needed offerings and improvement in how carbon credits are bought and sold, unleashing the potential of the voluntary carbon market to help the world achieve its net-zero goals.”

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