Rotoboost Turquoise Hydrogen Technology Granted Approval In Principle

Rotoboost Turquoise Hydrogen Technology Granted Approval In Principle - Carbon Herald
Andy McKeran, LR Chief Commercial Officer (left) presents the AiP certificate to Kaisa Nikulainen, Rotoboost CEO. | Credit: Lloyd’s Register

Hydrogen production from natural gas while capturing the CO2 in a solid form (solid carbon) is making a development. The hydrogen production technology company Rotoboost has been granted approval in principle by a leading classification society Lloyd’s Register (LR) for its innovative pre-combustion carbon capture system known as Rotobox.

The system uses natural gas onboard ships and coverts it into hydrogen and solid carbon prior to combustion. This type of hydrogen production is also known as turquoise hydrogen and the scientific method is called thermocatalytic decomposition (TCD). 

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Rotoboost’s technology – the pre-combustion Carbon Capture System (CCS) Rotobox utilizes TCD and works as it converts part of the natural gas fuel supply into hydrogen and graphite with a liquid catalyst. 

The converted hydrogen from the CCS can be used as an add-on fuel mixed with natural gas. The graphite or solid carbon has market value and could be sold for additional revenue. 

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The turquoise hydrogen combines the best of green and blue hydrogen production as it uses natural gas available today and prevents the emission of CO2, usually released directly into the atmosphere, by turning the carbon dioxide into a solid form. 

Rotoboost’s process is said to significantly reduce CO2 emissions, particulate matter and methane slip, along with overall carbon emissions by up to 100%, depending on the heating method used. 

“We are delighted to present the shipping industry with a novel approach to tackle emissions without compromising cargo efficiency and overall economy. Our technology introduces a new perspective on fossil fuels, demonstrating how they can be equally green when used innovatively. In addition to hydrogen as a green blend-in fuel, our byproduct, pyrolytic graphite, is also an excellent battery-grade anode material for electric cars and green steel production,” explained Kaisa Nikulainen, Rotoboost Chief Executive Officer.

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She also added that the technology demonstrates great potential for cost-effective production of green methanol and ammonia in land-based facilities, which further provides the shipping industry with other low-carbon fuel options.

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