Ross Energy Strikes Partnership With Fidelis New Energy For CO2 Storage In Denmark

Ross Energy Strikes Partnership With Fidelis New Energy For CO2 Storage In Denmark - Carbon Herald

Ross Energy and Fidelis New Energy announced the two companies have signed an exclusive partnership deal for developing, constructing and managing onshore CO2 storage networks in Denmark and Southern Sweden. The partnership is focused on evaluating subsurface reservoirs, seismic acquisition and developing carbon storage fields in the region.

Fidelis is looking to expand on its carbon activities by developing the Norne Carbon Storage Hub, a Danish CO2 storage network. The country’s subsurface potential for storing CO2 is seen as an opportunity for the country and the region to achieve their near and long-term climate goals in a cost-effective way.

Pete Hollis, Global Head of Carbon Management for Fidelis commented on the partnership by saying: “Ross Energy has consistently demonstrated an industry leading technical competence with regard to carbon storage and an unparalleled knowledge of the Danish subsurface, which matches perfectly with the Fidelis development approach for the Norne Carbon Storage Hub.”

Injection of CO2 into the system is slated for 2026 and has a goal of pumping 20 million tonnes annualy by 2030. The supply for this is expected to arrive via the expanding CO2 pipeline network in Europe, as well as ships designed for that purpose.

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Ross Energy has considerable experience with CO2 in the Baltic and North Sea regions, dating back to 2008 when it started managing Gassnova SF, the administrator of Norway’s carbon capture activities.

“We are impressed by the knowledge and experience with carbon management and carbon negative power that Fidelis brings to the table from their similar projects ongoing in Louisiana,” said Ole Nygaard, Project Director, Ross Energy.

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