Exclusive: Riverse Receives ICROA Endorsement For Its Circular Economy Certification Standard

Exclusive: Riverse Receives ICROA Endorsement For Its Circular Economy Certification Standard - Carbon Herald

Riverse – a French carbon credit certification standard and platform – has become only the 12th independent organization to receive a global ICROA accreditation and the first that is dedicated to circular economy projects.

The company has been developing its own Riverse Standard with a dedicated in-house science team and this approach has allowed it to become the first to be fully endorsed under ICROA’s rigorous new assessment procedure, established late last year.

After the announcement Clément Georget, Riverse, Co-founder & Head of Standard Development said: “I’m thrilled to announce our ICROA endorsement. This recognition underscores our commitment to advancing carbon credit standards that prioritize circular economy principles to avoid and remove emissions. Together, we’re paving the way for transparent and reliable credits through integrated digital MRV solutions, ensuring every action contributes to a healthier planet.”

Antoine Diemert, ICROA Accreditation and VCM Policy Director at IETA also commented on the accredtiation: “ICROA is pleased to add Riverse to its list of endorsed crediting programmes. Riverse’s pioneering work incentivizes and accelerates the transition to a circular and sustainable industry, and their Standard has successfully met all of ICROA’s criteria.”

Circular economy meets carbon credits

As it stands Riverse has approved 41 projects and issued over 150,000 carbon credits since launching operations in 2022. All of these credits come from four types of projects – biobased construction materials, electronics refurbishing, bio energy and biochar. The company is also working on standards for more circular economy technologies, as well as carbon dioxide removal.

Speaking with Carbon Herald, Riverse co-founder Ludovic Chatoux explained that the main reason behind Riverse’s focus on circular technologies is the level of measurability and trust they can generate. With a data-first mindset the team has managed to develop models that use industrial inputs and outputs like energy consumption, material flows and material losses as their foundation.

Rothoblaas timber construction materials. Photo: Riverse

Combined with regular reviews, laboratory tests and sampling for the metrics that show emission reduction and removal this has allowed Riverse to develop its own standards in close partnership with project developers and market stakeholders, creating a mix of both scientific rigor and practical expertise.

The approach has enabled project developers to access the voluntary carbon market far faster than what is typical for the VCM and at a lower cost.

One of the main figures responsible for this is Dr Erica Dorr, Climate Science Lead at Riverse, who also welcomed the ICROA certification: “I’m extremely proud that Riverse is endorsed as a VCM standard meeting ICROA’s Code of Best Practices. This endorsement validates our team’s dedication to ensuring the high integrity of the carbon credits we issue. Our commitment to continuous improvement remains strong, and we are excited to apply our latest Standard Rules to upcoming projects, further reinforcing our adherence to the ICROA Code of Best Practices.”

Side by side with project developers

All phases of Riverse’s work are informed by the knowledge of project developers and the actual conditions on the ground, while striving to achieve the requirements of verification bodies.

Biogas production at Artois Uniterr. Photo: Riverse

This means there are regular assessments and constant communication with developers but it seems this stands well with them.

Yann Mercier – President of biochar and bioenergy company Terrawatt describes the collaboration by saying: “We’ve worked with Riverse on certifying three biochar projects in Spain. In less than three months, Riverse’s solution enabled us to collect data, measure impact, create project descriptions, work with auditors, and connect with investors. We plan to develop several more biochar projects in Europe through Riverse in the coming years.”

You can find everything about Riverse’s ICROA endorsement in their blog post, as well as more details about their work on circular economy certification standards.

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