Residents Oppose CO2 Pipelines In Woodbury County

Residents Oppose CO2 Pipelines In Woodbury County - Carbon Herald
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Residents in Woodbury County, Iowa, have announced they oppose the two proposed CO2 pipelines. 

On Tuesday, the Woodbury Co. Board of Supervisors held a meeting, during which several local landowners who are to be directly affected by the carbon capture pipelines spoke out against their construction. 

One of the two pipeline projects was proposed by Summit Carbon Solutions – a new business platform launched by Summit Agricultural Group that focuses on advancing the transition to cleaner, sustainable energy by significantly lowering the carbon footprint of biorefineries and other CO2 emitters. 

Summit Carbon Solutions wants to build a 700-mile underground pipeline that will cross 30 counties in Iowa and transport compressed carbon dioxide to a facility in North Dakota. 

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The second pipeline is from Navigator and is also dedicated to transporting CO2 through Iowa and Northeast Nebraska. The end destination of the CO2 is deep underground beneath Illinois. 

But while public meetings have already been held for the Summit Carbon Solutions, such are yet to take place for Navigator’s project in December.

And both companies have yet to officially submit their proposals to the Iowa Utilities Board. 

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The local residents of Woodbury County who oppose the new pipelines voiced their concerns as to why they do not wish to have them pass through their farmland or Siouxland. 

Among them was the idea that the projects may result in an infringement of landowners’ rights. And another, as voiced by one Deb Main, whose property is set to be constructed through, is that people are not aware of the potential costs this construction may have for them. 

Main called on other property owners to “enter their comments on the IUB’s docket” with regards to the future CO2 pipelines. 

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