ReSeed Raises $4.6M To Expand Commercial Market For Climate Financing

ReSeed Raises $4.6M To Expand Commercial Market For Climate Financing - Carbon Herald

Today, AI-powered regenerative nature based services provider ReSeed announced a Seed raise of $4.6 million led by One Small Planet. Additional investors include Thorn Partners, and a mix of angel investors including Baratunde Thurston and Elizabeth Stewart, among others. This capital raise enables ReSeed to further expand into the commercial market.

With venture capital investment dipping across industries, this raise indicates the viability and opportunity that ReSeed’s work represents: ReSeed merges a globally-scalable climate solution that has enormous measurable social impact, rallying the business community by cultivating a new market approach to climate financing. ReSeed partners with the globe’s 600 million smallholder farmers to monetize their immense, largely-unpaid global impact, bringing carbon credits directly from farmers to the market.

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Founded in 2022, ReSeed has created the first carbon credits with traceability from beginning to end of lifecycle.

The raise will additionally enable the growth of ReSeed’s partnerships with farmers around the globe, allowing their vital work to continue while overcoming issues in legacy carbon markets via auditable data, enhanced technology, and a scalable approach.

“Smallholder farmers play a leading role in storing carbon and strengthening global food security,” says Vasco van Roosmalen, co-founder and CEO of ReSeed. “Engaging with people as part of the solution in the fight against the climate crisis – while significantly reducing legacy carbon in the atmosphere – provides fundamental co-benefits that will define the next generation of climate tech.”

“While there are many schemes in place to capture and sequester carbon, not all are equal: ReSeed is a novel player in the carbon markets. Their model of ‘farm fresh carbon credits’ ensures that those who receive compensation are from communities who have done the least to exacerbate climate change, but who are suffering the most from it,” says Baratunde Thurston, Emmy-nominated host, producer, New York Times Best Selling writer, and public speaker.

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“ReSeed is leading the future of climate tech with AI-powered solutions driving the nature-based services markets towards more equitable outcomes for the world’s smallholder farmers. The sector must provide world-changing solutions that also drive equity to people around the globe. ReSeed is meeting the moment with globally scalable solutions that benefit both people and planet, making it an ideal investment for us,” says Jack Wielebinski, One Small Planet Fund Operating Officer.

“We are committed to pursuing technologies that enhance communities and the planet: ReSeed is emblematic of that goal. The company sets a high standard for this next generation of carbon markets. We expect ReSeed’s carbon credits to become a staple amongst forward-thinking companies around the planet,” says Conor Platt of Thorn Partners.

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