Research Breakthrough: EverLoNG Pilot Reaches 85% Carbon Capture Rate

Research Breakthrough: EverLoNG Pilot Reaches 85% Carbon Capture Rate - Carbon Herald

The EverLoNG ship-based carbon capture (SBCC) prototype, developed by Dutch firm Carbotreat, has achieved a significant milestone during initial testing. Researchers on board the 82,000 dwt LNG-powered tanker Seapeak Arwa, chartered by TotalEnergies, have successfully demonstrated CO2 capture rates of up to 85%. 

This marks a major step forward in the quest for more efficient and sustainable CO2 capture technologies in the maritime sector.

The project leaders have shown that this mechanism is a viable decarbonization option with impressive capture rates, and with further system improvements, even higher rates could be reached in the future. 

The success of the EverLoNG pilot project is remarkable, as it represents the first deployment of a full-chain onboard system comprising capture, liquefaction, and storage facilities. The first test of this innovative system, which recently concluded, logged over 1,000 hours of operation and was able to capture up to 250kg of CO2 per day. 

Following this successful trial run, the prototype will be installed on board the Heerema Marine Contractors’ LNG-powered, semi-submersible crane vessel Sleipnir, where a second campaign lasting 500 hours will take place. 

This next phase of testing will further demonstrate and develop the capabilities of EverLoNG in a real-world maritime setting. 

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The team behind the project plans to utilize the full CCUS system on board the Sleipnir, where the CO2 captured during the operations on the vessel will be stored on board as a liquid in a container. The CO2 will then be offloaded and transported to an industrial site for use, or permanently stored in the geological subsurface.

This achievement is an important development in the project’s goals of demonstrating capture technology on LNG-fueled ships and optimizing the integration of shipboard carbon capture. 

Launched in October 2021, the EverLoNG carbon capture project is set to continue its operations until March 2025.

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