RepAir Teams Up With EnEarth For Landmark DAC Project In Greece

RepAir Teams Up With EnEarth For Landmark DAC Project In Greece - Carbon Herald
Jean-Philippe Hiegel – RepAir Head of Strategy and Growth, Amir Shiner – RepAir CEO, Nikolas Rigas – Energean Director Katerina Sardi – Energean General Manager, Katerina Athitsou – Energean Legal Counsel. Image: RepAir

RepAir, a pioneer in direct air capture (DAC), and EnEarth, a subsidiary of Energean (LON: ENOG) specializing in carbon storage and environmental services, have signed a pivotal agreement to collaborate in Greece, according to a joint statement published Wednesday.

The partnership aims to utilize RepAir’s DAC technology to capture and store carbon dioxide (CO2) in the Prinos saline aquifer in Kavala, Northern Greece.

RepAir’s carbon capture system will be installed at Energean’s onshore facility in Prinos. Additionally, CO2 from point source emitters in the Mediterranean region will be transported to Prinos for permanent storage.

Operations are set to start in early 2026, with the first kiloton of CO2 stored, and the goal is to reach a capacity of up to 3 million tons of CO2 annually by 2028.

The Prinos CO2 storage project has secured $161 million (€150 million) in funding from the Greek government via the European Recovery and Resilience Facility and is recognized in the sixth Union list of European Projects of Common Interest.

This project is crucial to the Mediterranean Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) Strategic Plan developed by France, Italy, and Greece, aiming to establish the first commercial-scale CO2 storage hub in the Southeast Mediterranean.

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RepAir’s DAC technology stands out for its economic viability, with levelized capture costs projected at $50 per ton at gigaton scale, compared to $200 for other solutions.

It operates with zero heat, is fully electric, and uses no liquids or solvents, producing no waste. The system’s “StackDAC” modules are designed for mass manufacture and gigaton deployment.

Nikolas Rigas, Head of Carbon Storage at EnEarth, emphasized the transformative potential of the collaboration with RepAir for Northern Greece, aiming to create a green hub in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The project is expected to generate new green jobs and contribute to industrial and energy transitions, offering significant economic and environmental benefits.

Amir Shiner, CEO of RepAir Carbon, highlighted that this partnership validates their efficient and affordable large-scale CO2 removal solution, aligning with EU efforts to reduce emissions and meet climate goals.

The project supports high-quality carbon credits for off-takers and aims to capture significant CO2 volumes at an industrial scale.

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